Perfectly imperfect…

Last night we took down the Christmas tree and packed it all away. It seems impossible to think that another year could pass so quickly. This time last year, I was beginning to anticipate the last part of pregnancy with my son. I daydreamed a lot about what two children would be like and whether [...]


Lay down your burdens…

There is something about this time of year that seems to spread people thin. Whether it is finances, illnesses, family issues, or other burdens...well, they seem magnified during the holiday season with the frantic rush to get things done, show up to parties, and buy gifts (for most these days, this means trying to come up [...]


Look for the lights…

As we pulled onto the main road in the town where my mother-in-law lives, we saw a house lit up with Christmas lights. Our three year-old daughter exclaimed, "Lights!" She gleefully clapped her hands and asked for more 'happy lights'. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, when most people begin to decorate for the holidays, my [...]


Six nominations…

Following Him Beside Still Water and My Loud Bipolar Whispers nominated me for this and I accepted the challenge, because I feel this is a wonderful way to 'pay it forward' and acknowledge those who read, comment, and express their support for all of us out there pouring out our hearts... The Rules: Write a post [...]


The sound of her voice…

Our daughter was a quiet baby and, at the time, we didn't think too much about it. Not only was she a quiet baby, but she slept on a schedule the moment she came home from the hospital. We just thought she was an easy baby. One of the things that stood out, though, was the [...]