In case you missed it…

With a sick baby, an ornery preschooler, animals, working on a project for a ministry, and the holiday weekend…well, it is safe to say I am a bit frazzled and pulled in a couple of directions as I play catch up.  I would like to share some previous posts in case you missed it…

Reserve a seat for the critics…

If you ever wanted to feel as if you have a cheerleader encouraging you to keep pushing, I highly recommend her video.   Because wow.  She touches on an area that is a thorn in so many of our sides: our critics.

I am going to step into this by acknowledging that our toughest critics are generally the ones who are the least involved in what’s going on in our lives.  Sure, if there’s something juicy happening or you’ve got some drama going on, they will become an expert on that.   Isn’t that amazing?  They are the ones who will cut you down to the quick, yet are not around to help stop the bleeding.  You let that sink in a bit and then sit with it a while.

(Video included in post)

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Have you gone crazy putting so much of yourself online?

Yes and no, depending on who you ask.

If I have gleaned anything from all the time I have spent couch surfing in therapy over the years, it is this: without transparency it is next to impossible to have the kind of loving, nurturing relationships we need in order to be healthy and whole individuals.

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Let’s see some I.D.

Unfortunately, we do not all come from a home where our safety and security was nurtured into a solid, strong identity. The more broken the home, the more confusing the identifying factors in our lives start to become. We even begin to ask ourselves who we belong to and who our family is.

There are families that are so divided and broken dysfunction is born out of the need to get everyone some identities assigned.  The identities we assign ourselves and others are, more often that not, incredibly false.

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Fill in the blanks…

[He/She/I/Joe/Jane/those people] [is/am/are] not Christian because [fill in the blank].

We can even change the main statement to read…’could never amount to anything, is not a good person, will not go to heaven, is a jerk, etc., etc.’.  I am just going to use the one statement so this does not get too scattered and complex.

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14 thoughts on “In case you missed it…”

    1. These are from last month, but yes, there have been moments when it all just comes out and I cannot stop it. Lately, though, with so many other things going on, I am at a block. So, I am cheating a bit and revisiting some of the older posts. Thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂

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    1. We have a 9 month old boy, who is going to be the family sweetheart. He is all smiles, snuggles, and love. Our daughter is sweet, too, but she is going to be the one to challenge all of us. That is a good thing. It will be fun to watch her grow into herself!! 😀

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  1. Hope the days become easier in the near future. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed this post because (1) I never thought of this idea…putting in back pocket….and (2) I never saw these posts and I truly enjoyed reading them! Thanks!!!

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