Another go ’round…

I am cheating again, because of time factors.  So, here is another round up of previous posts you may have missed…

Answer the door..

I believe we have all experienced the painful rejection of those we care about.  From the phone calls that go unanswered, to the unanswered texts, to the empty emails, and a general lack of encouragement on all fronts…we all know very well the sting of ‘abandonment’ when we are seeking to connect or our hearts are in need of comfort.

Sometimes it feels as if we knock and knock and knock on someone’s door and they just do not open it.

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Brown paper bags…

There were days when I would have the car keys in my hands and be unable to move past the front door without some serious pep-talking involved.  There were days when the pep-talks did not work.  Shame hovers like a suffocating, dark cloud in the presence of such a disorder; shame over the causes and shame that you feel so set apart from everyone you love.  You walk around longing to connect, yet you feel too distant to reach the connection.  It is heartbreaking, embarrassing, and humiliating for anyone to have to live that way.

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Don’t be afraid of no ghost…

During a particularly painful era of my life, when I was sincerely seeking God, I had been attending a church with some very kind people and finally felt brave enough to reach out for prayer. During the course of it all, I was asked if I had received the Holy Spirit. I was a little confused by the question, because I naturally assumed that if I knew Jesus then the Spirit of God was with me. I even voiced as much.

I was told that I had not received the Holy Spirit if I was not speaking ‘in tongues’.

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A smaller world…

Each person that took the time to reach out to me has become implanted in my heart through prayer.  I have heard and read about fears, doubts, shame, guilt, and pain stemming from a variety of causes.  This kind of global networking was something I did not anticipate when I started all of this and I have had to dig more deeply into scripture and God about it.

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19 thoughts on “Another go ’round…”

  1. Hey its not cheating if its good material which is clearly what you have here. Anyone can see it. Would love to hear more of your thoughts at Gastradamus, check out the stories when you cab sister. Is this lady great or what

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  2. Thank you for this! How very thoughtful and gracious of you to take the time to connect with your readers, even when you are so busy.

    Being that you are a mom with two small children, I know you are very busy indeed. Although my children and my grandchildren are all grown now, I remember those days! And I can’t imagine fitting a blog into all of that — if there had been such a thing as the internet, that is, back in those dark ages. 🙂

    Anyone who would dare to complain that you merely “liked” some of her comments, rather than taking the time to reply to every single one, especially after you had already replied very sweetly to some of that person’s comments — such a person must never have had young children. Or else her memory is very short.

    You are doing an awesome job here. Even if you never found the time to write another new post or reply to another new comment, this blog of yours is a great gift. Thank you for this gift. ❤

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