Our Guardian

My husband has started blogging, too. He had such a warm welcome when he wrote a surprise post on my blog that he was inspired to keep writing. I am proud of his growth and the meditations of his heart. I wanted to share and show him some support…

Letters to H & H

Dear Hannah,

Recently I was watching the movie Rise of the Guardians with you. I had to skip over some scenes because I knew that they were too scary for you and Hank. There was a theme in the movie that correlated with something  I’ve been thinking about recently.

 I ran into an argument online about how many times the Bible says “do not fear”.

Apparently a movie made a claim that the Bible says “do not fear” 365 times.  Of course, this sent the Google searchers on a goose chase to find out if this is the truth or not. I’m not actually going to count the times the Bible says this. What I do know is that the Bible does not actually say “fear not” or “do not fear” even close to 365 times in any kind of version that you can find. However, the idea not fearing anything in the…

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6 thoughts on “Our Guardian”

  1. Yay!! I will check it out.

    I wish my best friend hubby would blog. But his first language was Polish and he has to ask me how to spell every other word — even though he has a genius IQ.

    The time my husband asked me how to spell “stupid” I almost choked, trying not to laugh… 😀

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