Weekend coffee share…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all about our weekend cooped up in the house. Friday night brought us a wave of sleet which turned into a mild snow shower for most of the day on Saturday. The mixture of ice and snow resulted in closed roads and cancellations. The temperatures were the lowest of the season, so we have spent a lot of time wrapped up in blankets, watching holiday movies, and taking turns double-checking the thermostat. My husband and I also had our weekend marathon of the Twilight Zone (don’t knock it, that show has a lot of metaphors and life lessons, even if some of the narrative leans toward the cheesy side).

Our 3 year-old daughter and 9 month-old son had a lot of bonding this weekend, too. There is nothing that warms my heart more than watching a relationship between my two children unfold before my eyes. They were making eye contact, reaching toward one another, and sharing in private jokes and shenanigans.

The children explored the Christmas tree, pulled out the Christmas stockings, and spent quite a bit of time trying to open up the hutch in the dining room. When the hutch wouldn’t open, they settled for playing with the knocker-style knobs and making them click. At one point, our son reached for our daughter and touched her cheek in a show of affection and she reached back and touched his. My husband and I melted into each other’s arms and maintained an embrace while we looked upon our two little loves enjoying some harmless mischief together. It was one of those moments that makes you want to hit a pause button on time and inhale it, because most of the days go by in a haze trying to meet everyone’s needs.

Usually the days include the meltdowns of a preschooler who just realized that her baby brother is touching a toy she hasn’t paid attention to in months. This is accompanied with shouts of, “Mine! Mine!”  Then it is followed up with the protests and complaints of a baby boy who is ready to take off walking already so he can chase his sister to grab the toy she just ripped out of his hands.  You know, that one toy she hasn’t cared about for months on end and ran off to hide in the closet just so her brother can’t have it.

Other days I grumble because the puppy just chewed my favorite Chinese slippers or discovered yet another roll of toilet paper despite my best efforts to redirect her to her own chew toys. Or, I do the gymnastics required to wipe little bums, clean faces and hands, dress two small humans as well as myself, and pack everyone and everything up just go five minutes down the road before I realize that I still haven’t brushed my hair and I forgot the diaper bag. Again.

So, when we noticed our two children playing with one another, laughing, and actually showing affection…well, those are the moments that make all the rest of it worthwhile.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all about the days when I didn’t have this family and how it used to make me cry. I would share the ups and downs, twists and turns, and all of the other bumps in the road that led up to that one precious moment where I found myself inhaling the scent of my husband while he wrapped his arms around me and we watched the two most beautiful creatures we have ever seen.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you how, just after that moment, the dog chased the cat around the house with trails of toilet paper stuck to her paws, the baby started fussing, and our daughter decided she had some messes to go make.

The weekend is winding to a close and our daughter is sleeping in a new bed, the puppy is curled up on her pillow, the cat is snuggled in a hiding spot, the older dog is warming up beside the space heater in her little area of the house, and our son has decided he doesn’t want to sleep at night again. Ever.

Tomorrow the circus will be in full gear so, for a little while longer, I am going to hang onto all of the sweet moments of the weekend to keep me warm while I wrap my hands around a steamy mug of coffee with a little hot cocoa stirred in.


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45 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share…”

  1. When we were children, we loved the snowstorms. Even when the tank ran out of gas for heating the house. Lovely memories of our parents and the seven of us kids curling up with our blankets and pillows in front of the fireplace in the living room. So special to have your family and pets and warmth and love.

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  2. I caught a case of deja vu riding through a town i never had visited or really even seen much of in pictures by years of coffee clubbing with a pal before illness stole her. I hope you know that such is worth remembering, you can’t help but be a beacon in this life. so, with this in mind, you are being studied this moment to see how much impish i can get away with asking you to Kupi Lowak…yes it’s a coffee…but a rather special variety.Which begs a question about TEA time next time?

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  3. Such beautiful moments… Yesterday I sat and talked with my 12- and 13-year-old daughters, and they told me things they remembered from when they were little: “Light Time Games” that were played in the summer when I put them to bed before dark and other fun times. Such a good moment to hang on to at times when the older one would rather read and the younger one wants to have things her way… Thanks for the reminder to cherish the small moments when the less wonderful aspects of child rearing are in full swing!

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    1. Oh, yes, those less than wonderful moments…at least those moments build character, right? 😀 I often try to picture what it will be like when these two are older and I can see them being friends (which is the best any parent can hope for). What fun to talk to your girls about their memories!

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      1. Yes, character! It’s helpful to remember that at times. It truly was a special time! The teen years can be difficult, but there are some wonderful moments like that which put it all into perspective. ❤


    1. After we watched them showing affection, I told my husband to grab his phone and get a picture. I would have loved a picture of them touching each other’s cheeks, but I am glad we got the shots we did. They are precious cuties! 😀

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  4. What a sweet photo of them both looking, and I can’t believe your son is only nine months and just about walking! Thanks for this coffee time and sharing the best things in life. We also got snow, almost two feet, over the weekend and this winter girl is loving it!

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      1. Things are as good as they can be with sickness running through the house. You just had to experience that too, no? The baby (luckily) was the only one not to come down with anything, but mine is especially persistent. We had our Christmas choir concert last weekend and I had to lip sync through two songs to keep from coughing through them! Are you in AZ?

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  5. Well, I have searched for a post which I have not yet read, and can’t find one. I’m so sorry I can’t support you in the same way you support my blog. Hope all is well with you and your family!


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