The calling on our lives…

“What’s your calling in life?”

Honoring God.

I saw this question on a blog post by Insanity Bytes (love her blog so hard!). I was so glad to see this question addressed this way, because it is the truth.

So many people believe God called them to do this or that, this or that and they will run with it right into the ground. Even when it is falling apart, they will cling to it, claiming, “This is God’s call on my life!! God has called me to {insert ministry or ministry position of your choice}”.

Well, maybe and maybe not.

We all have passions, gifts, and talents that can be put to good use to be sure. But, God’s calling on us, no matter which avenue we take to do it, is to honor Him.

It really is as simple as that. That is His will for us in a nutshell.

The absolute most important ministry position any one of us will ever have is the personal one we walk out every single day with our thoughts, attitudes, decisions, and actions. It is the position we have in our household, the position we have with friends and family, and the position we have in our community that will ultimately have the most impact. The domino effect of that is far more powerful regardless of our status, position, title, recognition, and work elsewhere.

The simplest and best way to honor God begins under our own roof. No matter what other avenue we take to showcase our gifts and talents, it means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things if we are not tending to the personal ministry in our own homes.

Jesus Christ took it very seriously when He offered Himself as my ransom on that Cross. He sweat, cried, and pleaded with God over it, yet He was still willing to go through with it so that I may become part of His household.

His personal ministry consisted of speaking truth, walking in love, acts of service involving great humility, pouring out compassion on those who were suffering, and tending to the needs of His household (all of us) with the greatest act of faith there ever was. He wasn’t led by His feelings and emotions, He didn’t seek His own desires, and He wasn’t concerned with His own personal happiness. He didn’t self-promote, He didn’t advertise, and He didn’t have to sway people by putting on a show.

The call on His life was this: honoring the Father above all else.

How did He do this, then?

By treating others the way He Himself would probably have liked to have been treated. And, He continued to do so even when He was whipped, scorned, ridiculed, betrayed, spit on, beaten, and pushed to the ground. Even as He prepared to take His last breath on the Cross, after having been judged, tortured, despised, and rejected, He honored the Father and served in the severest form of humility. He honored the Father as He whispered, “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”

It stands to reason I need to take Him seriously and not reduce Him down as some BFF who’s sole purpose is to fill me with words that tickle my ears to make me feel good.

It does not always feel good to honor God. It isn’t the popular way to go these days, either. Sometimes, it requires that I sacrifice my own will, my own needs, my personal agenda, or my own desires for the greater good of those around me.

I don’t care if others share my belief systems, if their decisions clash with mine, if politics collide, if their walks are different, if they are on a completely different journey than I am…I honor God when I treat others the way I want to be treated no matter what. 

And, it starts with my own family; my husband, my children, and my animals. If I accomplish absolutely nothing else in my lifetime, I want my little family to know how much I loved them, forgave them, cherished them, invested in them, and treasured them with absolutely no expectations for anything other than to honor my Father.

All of this to say, check out Insanity Byte’s post The Answer to Everything. She put it quite bluntly and simply, yet it triggered a little search of my own heart through examination and measuring with scripture.

I realized that the moment I think I have it figured out and know what I am doing is the moment I become unteachable and lose the capacity to grow in ways to honor others as well my Father in Heaven.  No matter what.


118 thoughts on “The calling on our lives…”

  1. I just read something along the same lines in “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. He said, “The call is loyalty to the ministry you received when you were in real touch with him.” I often get sidetracked with great ideas for ministry that do nothing but pull me away from the true ministry that he called me to many years ago. That is to love and take care of my family.

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  2. Yes, Insanity Bytes writes some pretty thoughtful stuff.
    I noticed you’ve read a lot of mine, a lot of those are reblogs – I reblog prolifically if I like it.
    My posts are under the tab Moe’s Own – but it may not be your cup of tea.

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    Sourire ce matin chez moi

    Mais à tout prendre
    De loin une caresse, un regard de tendresse
    C’est un secret offert, à peine dévoilé
    Un rayon de soleil au travers des nuages
    Une ride au coin des yeux ce matin en est le souvenir
    Comme une fleur fanée désirant refleurir
    Un instant, un infini bonheur
    Une façon d’ouvrir si librement mon cœur
    Ce jour un éclair de lumière en ouvrant mes yeux
    Comme un bel arc-en-ciel, dans un coin de ciel bleu
    Je te souhaite de passer
    Une très belle et bonne soirée..

    Gros Bisous


    Je t’offre un petit café


  4. Thank you for the follow of my church blog “My Sunday Blog”..

    This is such a powerful post of the example our Lord left for us to follow. Through scripture we see our Lord’s compassion with the people he rubbed shoulders with. People with so different belief systems.

    And it is so important that w do start this at home, for me with my wife and children.

    Thank you for sharing. God blessings, and have a great week! 🙂

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  5. “The absolute most important ministry position any one of us will ever have is the personal one we walk out every single day with our thoughts, attitudes, decisions, and actions.”

    And may I say, you are a walking testimony of God’s love. I am inspired by your eloquent words, but even more so with the meaning and truth behind them. Always.

    I’m blessed to have stumbled upon your blog right from the beginning. And I always will cherish having the opportunity to witness a follower of Jesus deal with life in it’s entirety. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. (hug)


  6. Honouring God. Yes indeed and throughout life , He calls us in many and different. I believe the calling to ‘mother’ our children is one of the highest in life. Seasons will change but the NOW is how we honour Him in our present circumstances whatever in life they be. Thank you for your blog.


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