Blog Profiles and Follows PSA

Victor’s Corner and Brandon both brought up some excellent points when it comes to reading and following blogs…

Victor’s Post: 8 Simple Reasons I Do Not Follow Your Blog

Brandon’s Post: Pardon Me, Your Blog is Not Showing

Many times, people will click on your Gravatar profile image (that little square box when you comment or leave ‘likes’) with the intent to follow a link to your blog. Many bloggers, however, don’t have their Gravatar profile updated and blog links are missing.

The Gravatar profile is important because there are often glitches in the WP apps, the WP reader can drown posts so they are not seen, and it simply provides a quick way for your readers to get to your blog.

From the WordPress dashboard, you will see a circle with your profile picture in the upper right corner. From there, you can edit your profile and put a link to your blog on it. If you wish to gain followers on social media, that is also a great place to provide links.

There is a lot of great content out there that simply isn’t getting seen, so update your profiles! As Brandon put it: that square is a tiny invitation saying “Hey, your stuff is epic, come check out my little corner and we can be epic together!”



27 thoughts on “Blog Profiles and Follows PSA”

  1. Thank you for sharing this info…I went to my Gravatar and customized it and am very happy with the results. The Gravatar thing always confused me before, but your post cleared up that confusion…Again…thanks! 🙂

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