Perfectly imperfect…

Last night we took down the Christmas tree and packed it all away. It seems impossible to think that another year could pass so quickly. This time last year, I was beginning to anticipate the last part of pregnancy with my son. I daydreamed a lot about what two children would be like and whether [...]


Flocks of seagulls…

Several years ago, I spent some time in New England and explored the coast in several directions.  I loved all of the rock jetties and, since it was the middle of December, the beaches were practically deserted.  There were many lovely spots to stand in solitude and listen to the sound of the waves crashing [...]


Wrap it up…

I went searching for the diaper bag in a frenzy, because there was a diaper emergency to tend to.  My baby boy had just gotten back from staying with his aunt and uncle (our first separation!) and my daughter was back from her grandma's.  I had not gotten anything put away, so I was scrounging [...]