Look for the lights…

As we pulled onto the main road in the town where my mother-in-law lives, we saw a house lit up with Christmas lights. Our three year-old daughter exclaimed, "Lights!" She gleefully clapped her hands and asked for more 'happy lights'. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, when most people begin to decorate for the holidays, my [...]



Someone asked me what it was like to survive such near-fatal suicide attempts and how I feel about the stigma attached to it, while also asking what life is like under the blanket of post-traumatic stress. Talk about some heavy questions with some not-so-easy answers.  I do not believe there even should be a stigma attached [...]


Blue lights to white…

There are details of certain things in my life I wish to be truly careful in sharing from this platform.  I was not going to share what I have written about this one, because there are a lot of details in my life I wish to leave with Jesus.  However, something was pressing me toward this [...]